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Diagnostics Service and Diagnostics Console

Diagnostics Service and Diagnostics Console
Foundation 23.1

Currently, both the Diagnostics Console and Diagnostics Service can log the following information:

  • All ASP.NET calls made to the server

  • Cache activity

  • All SQL queries that are run through Hyland.Data

  • All errors generated by OnBase Core Services applications

  • All OnBase.ID file requests

  • LDAP and Active Directory Authentication diagnostics information

  • Lock activity

  • All Hyland.Services requests

  • Script exceptions

  • System warnings

  • Verbose output from the OnBase(Thick) Client.

  • Information from OnBase Client processes running as Windows services

  • Information from the Hyland Timer Service and Hyland Distribution Service

  • Trace information

  • Output information for Workflow and WorkView scripts

  • Web Service traffic from Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) components

  • OnBase HL7 errors