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Diagnostics Service and Diagnostics Console

Diagnostics Service and Diagnostics Console
Foundation 23.1

User preferences control the number of messages displayed by the tabs.

To change user preferences:

  1. Select Tools | User Preferences. The Preferences dialog box is displayed.
  2. Modify the following settings as needed:



    Log Ceiling

    Specifies the maximum number of messages logged to a tab before the Diagnostics Console removes older messages. The default value is 10000 messages.

    Log Deck

    Specifies the number of messages that remain displayed in a tab after the Log Ceiling value has been reached.

    For example, suppose you set the Log Deck to 2000 and the Log Ceiling to 5000. When 5000 messages are logged to a tab, the oldest 3000 messages are cleared from the tab, leaving the most recent 2000 messages.

    The default value is 5000 messages.

    Grid Cell Max Height (in lines)

    Specifies, in lines of text, the maximum height of a log cell. When the number of lines in a cell exceeds this value, an ellipsis indicates that some text was truncated. To view the cell's entire value, rest your pointer on the cell or use the Detail View.

    The default value is 3 lines.


    To revert back to the default settings, click the Default button.

  3. Click Accept. By default, these changes are reflected only until the Diagnostics Console or current log is closed. To retain the new settings for future Diagnostics Console sessions, see Saving Preferences.