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Dictionary Import Processor

Dictionary Import Processor
Foundation 22.1
  1. In the Configuration module, select Import | Dictionary Import Processor to open the Dictionary Import Configuration dialog box.
  2. Type the name of the process in the Dictionary Import Processing Format field and click Create. The process name will be added to the Dictionary Import Processing Format list.

    After the creation of a process name, three buttons in the Dictionary Import Configuration dialog box are available for further configuration of the process. Those buttons are Settings, Configure, Font Mapping, and Notifications.


    The Configure and Font Mapping buttons are currently not used.

  3. Select the format to be configured and click Settings. The Process Settings For: <Process Format> dialog box is displayed.

    The Processing tab is selected by default.

  4. Assign options for the process. Mandatory options are as follows:
    • Processing | Default Directory

    • Processing | Default File Name

    • Processing | Disk Group

    • Options | Run Process check box

  5. The remaining options are optional. All options are described in the table below.
  6. After setting all desired configuration options, click Save.

    FTP processing is only functional for the following modules: EDI 810, 835, EDI 837, AFP Input Filter, some Check Import Processes, the NSF Return Process (Check21), COLD/ERM, Document Import Processor, HL7, Keyword Updater, PCL Input Filter, Physical Records Management, and XML Index Document Import Processor.