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Dictionary Import Processor

Dictionary Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

The two options in this section, Default Directory and Default File Name, point the process format to the import file containing the data to be processed.

Download & Process Option


Default Directory

Enter the directory for the Import Index File. Click Browse and navigate to the file to be processed. You can also type the name of the directory that contains the process file into the Default Directory text box.


The Default Directory path and filename must be 60 characters or fewer.


OnBase 's ability to access the data files and place them into the configured Disk Group will affect speed. Processing will go faster if the data files are local to the processing workstation.


For performance or character length reasons, it is recommended that you replace the server name with its IP address. Try some benchmarks, and if name resolution causes a performance degradation, then make the corresponding change in the Configuration module, under Disk Groups | Volume Information.

Default File Name

Enter the Import Index File name or use the Browse button to navigate to the file. The Default File Name can use the ? and * wildcards to specify multiple files. For example, *.* processes all files in the directory. When the Browse button is used, the Default Directory and Default File Name fields are both populated when a file is selected.


Ensure the Import Index File contains either continuation or form feeds. If a file contains form feeds, all configuration parameters should be based on using form feeds as the beginning of a page. For example, the Lines per page View/Print setting (Document Type Settings dialog box) should correlate to the boundaries of the form feed. Otherwise, ID String/Keyword Type settings will not be processed correctly. Files should also be properly terminated by an end-of-file marker.


Default File Name must be 60 characters or fewer.