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Dictionary Import Processor

Dictionary Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

The Dictionary Portion of the file must appear first in the file, as it provides the alias information for the entire file. This section lists Document Types and Keyword Types (by name) and their aliases, which are Alphanumeric fields [A-Z] of up to six characters. Document type aliases must appear under the ~BDICT DOCTYPE command signifier; Keyword Type aliases must appear under ~BDICT KEYTYPE. Types and aliases are listed in the form Alias]:[Document Type Name or Keyword Type Name]. Several successive ~BDICT sections within the dictionary section of the file are allowed. It is allowed, therefore, to switch between the Keyword Type dictionary and the Document Type dictionary, as long as no alias is repeated. Image Statements may include a ~BDICT RECIPIENTS command signifier for updating recipient (customer) information. The Dictionary section ends with an ~EDICT command signifier.