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Dictionary Import Processor

Dictionary Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

To recover a process, several items must be verified. First, the cause of the incomplete process must be identified. In the processing workstation's temporary directory will be a file named ver.tmp. This file will contain the Verification Report from the process. This is the runtime Verification Report that will contain all of the information up until the point the process was interrupted. After reviewing the file, the incomplete batch can be opened in OnBase. The batch will display all of the documents that were processed in prior to the error. This can aid in determining the specific point where the process failed.



There are no documents in the batch.

This means that a file was not processed. The error may have occurred while getting the file from its location or communicating to the database.

Documents have been completely processed from one file, but not from the next file in the process.

This could mean that the next file has issues with the formatting. Or, again, it could have been a database / network issue.