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Dictionary Import Processor

Dictionary Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

When any of the processed data queues in the queue window are selected (Incomplete Process, Awaiting Commit, Incomplete Commit, and Committed), the batches associated with those queues are displayed. The following information fields are also displayed for each batch:

  • Batch #- numeric label associating the batch with its column in the database

  • Batch Name - name of the associated Process Format

  • Parse Date - Time- date and time the data was processed

  • Item Date - default Document Date specified by the user Commit Queues, as well as the Verification Report.

A variety of processing functions can be performed for a batch as it typically moves from an Awaiting Commit to Committed state. These functions are accessed from a right-click menu at the batch level. The same right-click menu is displayed for a batch in each of these queues, although the availability of each function may vary depending on the queue or type of data in the batch.


The options available at the right-click menu are dependent on your configuration, user group rights, and licensed products.