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Dictionary Import Processor

Dictionary Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

Regardless of how Dictionary Import Processor processing was initiated, the Processor Status bar is displayed, indicating each of the following stages of data processing:

  • Analyzing File. OnBase reads the file, looking for the beginning of the page. Once the Document Type is determined for that page, OnBase looks for any configured Keyword Values and pulls them from the page. This data is stored in the OnBase database.

If more data files exist in the Default Directory, these steps are repeated until all data files have been processed.

After the entire process has been run, the batch will be located in the Awaiting Commit queue. Double-clicking on the batch displays all the documents found by the Dictionary Import Processor process. While a batch is in the Awaiting Commit queue, the data files and index information can be purged from OnBase if any error occurred during the process. Otherwise, it may be committed.

The last document in the batch is the Verification Report. This report should be reviewed for errors and used to determine whether or not the batch should be committed.

The Verification Report provides you with detailed information about the processing, including the total amount of time the batch took to process, the files processed, and the documents found. A Verification Report is generated every time a process is run.