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Dictionary Import Processor

Dictionary Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

Once a batch has been examined and determined to be acceptable, it should be committed.

To commit a batch:

  1. Select the Awaiting Commit queue.
  2. Select the desired batch.
  3. Right-click and select Commit Selected.

When a batch is committed, it will move to the Committed queue. This queue maintains all batches that are in OnBase. Once a batch is committed, it can no longer be purged. Individual documents can be deleted by right-clicking on them in the results list and selecting Delete.


Although all documents in the batch are listed, even those that you may not have rights to, you may only delete documents belonging to a Document Type that you have rights to.

Batches in Awaiting Commit must be committed or purged; a failure to do so may compromise the integrity of your OnBase solution because uncommitted documents are only stored in the first, mass storage copy of the Disk Group. When a batch is committed, the documents are copied to other copies of the Disk Group copies.


Prior to upgrading to a later version of OnBase, all batches must be committed.

For more information about purging a batch, see Purging a Batch.