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Directory Import Processor

Directory Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

City Bank keeps all records of the month's deposit slips from every teller in a directory. The root directory is located at C:\City Bank Deposit Slips. The following is the directory structure they use:

City Bank wants to import all deposit slips for each month into OnBase and have the imported files assigned to the AP - Deposit Document Type. Each file must also be assigned the Teller # Keyword Type and the Date Effective Keyword Type. Each file name follows the format of [Teller #],[Date Effective].tif.

To configure a Directory Import Processor process for City Bank's directory, the following is configured:

  • A Default Mapping at the root directory with a Default Document Type of AP - Deposit.

  • A file name Ordered Keyword Mapping to assign the Teller # and Date Effective Keyword Types.

The process is configured with a Default Mapping, named Deposit Slips, in the following way:

The Deposit Slips Default Mapping is configured with an Ordered Keyword Mapping for file names in the following way:


City Bank must format the Date Effective Keyword Type to process the date Keyword Value correctly. See Date Formatting for more information on formatting date Keyword Types.


For more information on configuring a Default Mapping, see Configuring Default Mappings. For more information on configuring a file name Ordered Keyword Mapping, see Configuring an Ordered Keyword Mapping for a File Name.