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Directory Import Processor

Directory Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

The Advanced tab contains advanced processing options that affect the batches imported via the process format.

The following options are displayed on the Advanced tab:

Advanced Tab Options


OCR Files on Commit

Select this option to process documents through Optical Character Recognition during the commit process. This function is available only when the OCR module is properly licensed and registered.

Ignore OCR Errors

Select this option to ignore any errors that occur during the OCR process and continue processing. The default behavior is for the OCR process to stop when an error message is displayed and wait for user interaction. When this option is checked, batches with errors will be committed, and the Verification Report will display the errors.

Send on Error

Select to allow a Directory Import Processor process that is missing a required Keyword Value to continue. If a batch is configured to be moved to the Scan - Awaiting Commit queue for further indexing, checking this box will allow it to move to the configured queue even if there are missing required Keyword Values. If not checked, a batch that is missing a required Keyword Value will move to the Directory Import Processor Awaiting Commit queue.

Do Not Create Batch if No Documents are Found

Select this option to reduce the number of unnecessary Verification Reports generated by OnBase. When this option is selected and a process is run, OnBase will first check the processing directory to verify that there are files to be processed. If there are no files to be processed in the processing directory, the created batch will be deleted and a Verification Report will not be generated.