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Directory Import Processor

Directory Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

Select the radio button in this section that describes how the processing workstation will access the files to be processed.

By default, the No Download radio button is selected.

Download Protocol Option


No Download

Select if the files to be processed do not need to be downloaded to the processing workstation (i.e., the files are already accessible locally on your computer, LAN or WAN).

This option is selected by default.

FTP Download

This option is not supported for use with the Directory Import Processor.

Socket Download

TCP/IP sockets can be used if it is the only way to capture the Directory Import Processor data.

Select the Socket Download option in specific instances to allow a connection that will download information to your computer. Enter the specification number of the socket download connection in the Socket Number text box. If you select Socket Direct, the information will be streamed directly to your computer.


Before processing files, the files must be accessible from the workstation.

Socket Direct

This option is only active for the Check Image Processor module.

Tape Drive

This option is only active for the Check Image Processor.