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Directory Import Processor

Directory Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

The options in this section point the process format to the directory containing the data to be processed.

Download & Process Option


Default Directory

The path to the root of the directory structure to be processed.

Click Browse and navigate to the directory to be processed. You can also type the name of the directory into the Default Directory text box.


The Default Directory path must be 60 characters or fewer.


OnBase 's ability to access the data files and place them into the configured Disk Group will affect speed. Processing will go faster if the data files are local to the processing workstation.

When using FTP with the FTP Download option, the Default Directory is the directory to which the files will be downloaded for processing, and accessed from the path specified in the FTP Download field. If using FTP with the No Download option, the FTP file will be accessed from the Default Directory.

If you are using the Default Directory field to access an FTP site through a UNC path (rather than using the FTP Download field), ensure the format of the UNC path is correct. Directory Import Processor supports connections to FTP Servers that require a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) as well as connections that do not require a FQDN. The following example demonstrates connecting to an FTP Server that requires a FQDN:


Where and <password> are replaced with the appropriate logon credentials, ftpserver is replaced with the name of the FTP server or IP address, and ftpdirectory is replaced with the name of the FTP directory on that server.


Depending on the FTP server you are connecting to, the syntax of your FTP server's URL may be different.


For performance or character length reasons, it is recommended that you replace the server name with its IP address. Try some benchmarks, and if name resolution causes a performance degradation, then make the corresponding change in the Configuration module, under Disk Groups | Volume Information.

Upon selecting Save & Close, the PASSWORD will be replaced by <pwd> for security purposes.


The password will need to be re-entered whenever changes are made to the Default Directory.

Default File Name

This field is not supported for use with the Directory Import Processor.