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Directory Import Processor

Directory Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

A backup path can be created to back up files processed using Directory Import Processor.

To configure a backup path:

  1. Select the Backup Path check box. The Backup Path button is enabled.
  2. Click the Backup Path button. The Backup Path dialog box is displayed.
  3. In the Backup Location field, enter the path of the backup directory to which the Directory Import Processor directory is copied, or click Browse to navigate to the directory.

    If you enter a path that does not exist (for example, a folder not already created), it is automatically created when the process is run.

  4. Select Create Unique Subdirectories to create a unique root folder within the specified backup directory in which the entire directory is backed up. This is useful if multiple directories have the same name but different content. By default, if a directory has the same name as an existing backup file, the directory is not processed. The unique root folder is named according to the following format, based on the date and time the process is run: Month_Day_Year_Hour_Minute_Second. For example, 01_11_2019_13_41_51.
  5. Select Allow Overwrite of Backup to allow a directory with the same name as an existing backup file to overwrite the old backup. This is useful if you do not want a large amount of unique subdirectories.

    The Create Unique Subdirectories and Allow Overwrite of Backup options also function with FTP backups, if applicable.

  6. Click Save.