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Directory Import Processor

Directory Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

The Processing tab allows you to enable specific processing options.

Processing Options


Process Only Image Files

Select this option to only process image files.

Create Single Document per Directory

Select this option to archive all images in the same directory as a single, multi-page TIFF.


This option is only available if the Process Only Image Files option is selected.

For information on using this option, see Using the Create Single Document Per Directory Option.

Store Revisions of Existing Documents


Renditions are not supported.

Select this option to allow an imported document to be stored as a revision of an existing document.

In order to be stored as a revision:

  • The Keyword Values between the imported document and the existing document must be an exact match.


    If the existing document has one or more Keyword Values that do not appear on the document being imported, it is still imported as a revision as long as the Keyword Values common between the two documents match

  • The Document Type must have revisions enabled. If revisions are not enabled then the imported document is stored as a new document, even if the Keyword Values match.


    If an imported document has the same Keyword Values as an existing document, but needs to be imported as a new document, you must import the document manually.

Keep Files After Import

Select this option to leave the processed files in the original directory after they have been processed.

Delete Files After Import

Select this option to delete the processed files from the original directory after they have been processed.