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Directory Import Processor

Directory Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

The Directory Import Processor option is not available as right-click option in OnBase Client. How can I get it?

Verify the workstation is registered for Directory Import Processor.

If Directory Import Processor is not available, it is most likely not licensed at all in the database or another workstation is taking up the license. Simply browse through the licenses in Configuration (Utils | Product Licenses) to see if there are any workstations licensed/registered. Then in Client, select Admin | User Management | Workstation Registration from the menu bar. Select the workstation and then register that workstation for Directory Import Processor.

Why are my files being imported correctly, but not indexed?

This is most likely because the root directory is more than one level deep. The hierarchy within a root directory can be many levels deep, but the root directory itself can only exist at the first level of the path, e.g., C:\[root] or \\unc-server\[root].

Correctly-processed files are being placed in the ERROR_FILES folder.

If multiple files are processed into a single batch and successfully-processed files are configured to not be deleted, files that have been correctly processed may be moved to the ERROR_FILES folder if one or more files that compose the batch are not processed correctly.

Directory Import Processor cannot distinguish between the files in the batch that had errors and those that processed correctly. All files in the process folder, including those that were processed correctly, are moved to the Error Files folder.