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Directory Import Processor

Directory Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

The Directory Import Processor allows you to import and programmatically index documents from a local or network directory structure into OnBase.

The Directory Import Processor uses an OnBase process format configuration to determine the Document Types and Keyword Types to be used with the process. Document Types are identified by the location of the documents in the directory structure or from information contained within a folder or file name. Keyword Type values are identified based on fixed character positions within a folder or file name, or by using defined separators to divide file or folder names into the values for different Keyword Types. For example, multi-function printers, when saving files to a network, follow specific naming conventions for the file names and folder structure saved to. These conventions are used by the Directory Import Processor to programmatically recognize and populate Keyword Type values and Document Types upon import from the network.

The Directory Import Processor can process multiple file types, can be run on demand or scheduled, and allow for documents already in OnBase to be imported as revisions.