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Directory Import Processor

Directory Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

The -SCHEDINST command line switch is very similar to the basic -SCHED switch. When you apply the -SCHEDINST switch to a Client shortcut, you can specify that the selected instance of the OnBase Client should only process jobs assigned to that Client instance's specific instance name.

The format of the switch is -SCHEDINST="MyProcName", where MyProcName is the name of a specific processing instance. The OnBase Client that this switch is applied to will be unable to process any scheduled jobs that are not configured with a Specific Processing Instance of MyProcName.

A process format or job can be scheduled from any OnBase Client workstation by a user with the proper rights.


If a scheduled process is assigned to a specific processing instance, it must be run from a client using the -SCHEDINST command line switch. If you try to run this process from a client using the -SCHED switch instead, the process will not be executed.