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Directory Import Processor

Directory Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

While documents are in the Awaiting Commit queue, they only exist in the first mass storage copy of the Disk Group. Consequently, if the mass storage copy has a drive failure and a backup is not available, the data is lost.

Additionally, every system has a limit to the number of batches that can exist in the Awaiting Commit queue. Once this limit is met, no new processing is allowed. This limit is set during installation.

When documents are committed, data is copied to any secondary mass storage and removable copies assigned to the disk group. Each document is also updated in the database to modify its status as committed. Because of this, it is usually a good idea to commit during non-peak hours.

After a batch has been committed, it appears in the Committed queue. This queue maintains all of the Directory Import Processor batches in the system. This queue will never “fill up”; it simply displays the status of the batches.