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Directory Import Processor

Directory Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

As documents are processed into the system, the database will grow. Growth depends on the number of documents, the number of Keyword Values, the Keyword Types, and how the documents are used (for example, if a document is used in Workflow).

With every OnBase system, the database should be periodically checked. Even if the database has been configured for restricted growth, it is better to anticipate reaching that point rather than encountering it during processing.

There are several ways to verify the size of a database.

  • Observe the database files themselves as well as the log file and determine the total amount of space used.

  • Databases may also have specific size requirements for different database files.

  • The database server software itself will detail the statistics for the files including how much space is currently being used and how much is available.

  • If the database files were assigned a specific amount of total space when the database was created, the file listing in Explorer will detail the total amount of space in the file, not how much is currently filled with data.