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Directory Import Processor

Directory Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

The number of workstations you can register for a given module is dependent upon the number of licenses you have purchased for that module. If you attempt to register a specific module on more workstations than you have licenses for, the excess workstations will be unable to use the module. When a user logs on to a workstation with one or more excess product registrations, a warning will be displayed to inform them what modules will not work on that workstation.

You can remove excess product registrations the same way you would remove a functional product registration. From the Workstation Registration dialog box, select the workstation that has excess product registrations.

To filter the workstations displayed in the left pane of the Workstation Registration dialog box, type the first few letters of the Workstation Name in the Filter field. The list is filtered to show only those workstations with a name that begins with the letters typed.

Any products that are registered in excess of the licensing limit will contain the [Excess Registration] string. Select the necessary products and click Revoke to remove the excess registration from the workstation.

To re-register a workstation, delete the old workstation by selecting it in the left Workstations pane and clicking Delete. All product rights held by the deleted workstation are returned to the list of available licenses found in the Products Registered drop-down list. This forces the user logging on from that workstation to register the workstation the next time they attempt to log on.