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Directory Import Processor

Directory Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

It is considered a best practice to register a processing workstation as a Named Client rather than a Concurrent Client. This ensures that the processing workstation always has access to the processing module. A workstation registered as a Concurrent Client cannot access the processing module if another workstation is currently registered for it.

To register a workstation to use licensed products:

  1. In the OnBase Client, select Workstation Registration from the Admin | User Management menu. The Products Registered for Workstation dialog box is displayed.
    The left pane of the dialog box displays a list of the workstations that have, at any time, been logged in to OnBase. The columns in the left pane contain the following information:
    • License(s): Displays the symbols of the products registered for that workstation. The legend for the symbols is located below the list of workstations.

    • Registered: Displays the name of each workstation that has ever been logged in to OnBase.

    • Last Logon: Displays the date that the workstation was last logged on.

    • Description: Displays a short description of the individual workstation.

  2. Select the workstation to register products for in the left Workstations pane. The current workstation is shown at the top of the list and is marked with an asterisk (*).

    To filter the workstations displayed in the left Workstations pane, type the first few letters of the Workstation Name in the Filter field. The list is filtered to show only those workstations with a name that begins with the letters typed.

  3. Select the license to register from the Products Registered drop-down list.
    If you are properly licensed for a product and it is not available from the drop-down list, it may be registered on another workstation.
    To view the products registered for other workstations and revoke those licenses:
    1. In the left pane, select the workstation to view the products registered for. A workstation with a + in the License(s) column is registered for one or more products.
      The right Products Registered pane displays all products registered for the selected workstation.
    2. Select the product registration to revoke in the right Products Registered pane.
    3. Click Revoke.
    If the license is not available in the drop-down list and it is not registered to any other workstation, it is possible that the module may not be licensed. Contact your system administrator to help determine the licenses that should be available.
  4. After selecting the license to register the selected workstation for, click Register.
  5. When you have finished registering workstations, click Exit.