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Directory Import Processor

Directory Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

If an error occurs while processing a Directory Import Processor process, the process will generate a folder named ERROR_FILES and save it into the root directory. All folder directories and files that were associated with the selected Directory Import Processor process are moved to this new folder.

Note: The scheduled Directory Import Processor processes support moving processed files with full paths more than 260 characters to the ERROR_FILES and PROCESSED folders.

The original directory's structure will be retained within the ERROR_FILES folder. The Verification Report will identify where the error(s) occurred during processing. Files in the ERROR_FILES folder in the root directory will not be processed when a Directory Import Processor process is run.


A folder named ERROR_FILES can be processed by the Directory Import Processor if that folder is stored within a subdirectory. The ERROR_FILES folder is only ignored for processing if it is located in the root directory.