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Directory Import Processor

Directory Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

After the process runs, a new batch appears in the Awaiting Commit queue. This batch must be verified to ensure that the process ran successfully and that no errors were generated. Documents are not added to batches after initial processing.


If a batch contains one or more corrupt image files, the batch will process correctly, but the corrupted files are not imported into OnBase. The batch is moved to the Awaiting Commit queue.

When a process format is used for the second time, a new batch is created. Each batch also includes a Verification Report, which is a system-generated report detailing the progress and errors encountered during processing.


AFP and PCL file types cannot be processed by the Directory Import Processor. If a batch being imported includes AFP or PCL file types, these files will be skipped during the import process and generate a warning in the Verification Report.

A Batch is a collection of documents brought into the system by running a specific process format. When documents are imported via a process format, all documents processed at that time become part of a specific batch. Documents remain in batches and actions performed on a batch, such as commit or purge, affect all documents in the batch.