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Directory Import Processor

Directory Import Processor
Foundation 22.1

There are several other options available from the Committed queue:

  • View Verification Report- Display the Verification Report for the batch.

  • Print Selected- Print the documents in the selected batch(es).

  • Export Selected- Export the documents in the selected batches (only available if the system is licensed for Export).

  • Create List Report- Generate a SYS List Contents Report containing the document names (Auto-Name strings) for the documents in the selected batch.

  • Run Script- Display a list of all the custom VBScripts available to the user. This option will run the selected VBScript against the document selected.

  • Rename Batch - This option allows you to rename the batch.

  • Re-Date Batch- Modifies the document dates for items in the batch. Since most document Auto-Name strings contain the Document Date, this option will rename the documents as well. Depending on the number of documents in the batch, this option may take some time.

  • Clear Selected- Remove (deselect) the selected items.

  • Select Batch Range- Select a range of batches to view in the queue.

  • Refresh- Refresh the queue. This option displays any new items that have been added to the queue since it was opened.

All of these options can be accessed by right-clicking a processed batch in the Directory Import Processor queue.