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Disconnected Scanning

Disconnected Scanning
Foundation 23.1

To schedule a cache download:

  1. Select Scheduling | Schedule operations. The Scheduled operations dialog box is displayed.

    For information on installing or starting the Scheduler Service, see Installing the Disconnected Scanning Scheduler Service.

  2. Click Add new. The Schedule item dialog box is displayed.
  3. The dialog box opens with defaults for the Server, Username, Password, and Datasource fields. If you wish to change any of these defaults, edit the field(s).
  4. Select Autofill keyset download or Dataset download. If you want to download both AutoFill Keyword Sets and Data Sets, you must configure a scheduled item for each.
  5. Provide the information required in the Schedule time section:
    • In the Run time field, select the time of day to run the upload.

    • Deselect/select the day(s) of the week to run the upload by clicking the appropriate check box(es).

    • In the Number of retries field, type the number of additional times to attempt the upload if a communication failure occurs during the initial attempt.

  6. Select the appropriate AutoFill Keyword Set(s) or Data Set(s) for download.
  7. To prevent the scheduler from performing this upload, click the Disable this schedule item check box to select it. This option is typically used later on, to temporarily deschedule an upload that is normally run per schedule.
  8. Click OK to add the upload operation to the scheduler.