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Disconnected Scanning

Disconnected Scanning
Foundation 23.1

Some workstations may require one or more instances of a Keyword Data Set that differ from those available from the OnBase Application Server.

You can import a cache of Keyword Data Sets to the Disconnected Scanning workstation from text files. In order to use the import file for populating a Keyword Data Set, the file must contain both the appropriate data and the appropriate formatting. To set up a proper import text file, ensure the following:

  • Each import text file represents one instance of a Keyword Data Set. To import multiple Keyword Data Sets, use a separate text file for each Keyword Data Set.

  • The order of Keyword Values in the text file determines the order of the Keyword Values in the Data Set drop-down list during indexing.

  • Delimiters are placed to the left and right of each value. Values are separated by separators. If neither delimiters nor values are used, each value should be on a separate line. For example, the sample file shown in the illustration uses a single line with delimiters and separators:


If a Keyword Type that is part of the Keyword Data Set is configured to use Keyword Type Masking, be aware that the Keyword Value will be imported correctly regardless of whether the static characters are present in the import file or not.

To import the file:

  1. Select Server | Autofill keyset/dataset maintenance | Import dataset from file.
  2. Select the Keyword Data Set you are adding instances to from the Dataset drop-down.
  3. Enter the path for the import file or use the Browse button to browse to the file's location.
  4. Specify the delimiter in the text file.
    A delimiter is a character that encloses each Keyword Value in the text file, such as quotation marks. Delimiters are commonly used when a separator is present within the field.
  5. Specify the separator in the text file. A separator is character that separates Keyword Values in the text file, such as a comma or a back slash.
  6. If you wish to clear existing Keyword Data Set data from the workstation prior to importing instances of the Keyword Data Set from the text file, select the Clear this dataset before import check box.