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Disconnected Scanning

Disconnected Scanning
Foundation 23.1

When continuous background uploads are enabled, batches are automatically uploaded in the background while scanning and indexing is being performed on the Disconnected Scanning client workstation.

By default, the Disconnected Scanning client checks once every five seconds for batches that can be uploaded. If an upload is not already in progress, Disconnected Scanning uploads batches that are ready.


The continuous background upload interval is configurable. See Local Client Settings for more information.

To enable continuous background uploads:

  1. From the Main Menu, select Server | Continuous background uploads.
  2. When a batch is ready to be uploaded, the Begin batch upload dialog box is displayed to confirm your logon credentials.

    To prevent this message from being displayed, click Settings | Local Client Settings | Automatic Connect to Server from the Main Menu to automatically confirm each upload and provide logon credentials.

  3. Confirm your logon credentials and click OK. The batch is uploaded.
    By default, only indexed batches are uploaded. To also upload unindexed batches, select the Include unindexed batches in automatic upload mode option on the Local client settings dialog box (from the Main Menu, click Settings | Local Client Settings | Include unindexed batches in automatic upload mode).