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Disconnected Scanning

Disconnected Scanning
Foundation 23.1
  1. Launch the Scheduler service in one of the following ways:
    • From the Main Menu, click Scheduling | Schedule operations

    • Click the Schedule Uploads button in the main Disconnected Scanning toolbar.

    The Scheduled operations window is displayed.

  2. Click Add new to add a new scheduled upload. The Schedule item dialog box is displayed.
  3. The dialog box opens with defaults for the Server, Username, Password, and Datasource fields. If you wish to change any of these defaults, edit the field(s).

    If the -NETAUTH command line switch is used, the Domain field is also displayed.

  4. Select Batch upload. A batch upload uploads documents from the selected scan queues.
  5. Provide the information required in the Schedule time section:
    1. In the Run time field, select the time of day to run the upload.
    2. To schedule a time frame in which to continuously upload batches, select Until and enter an end time in the field. Disconnected Scanning will continuously upload any available batches in the time range set by the Run time and Until fields.

      The maximum length of a scheduled continuous upload time frame is 23 hours and 59 minutes.

    3. Deselect/select the day(s) of the week to run the upload by clicking the appropriate check box(es).
    4. In the Number of retries field, type the number of additional times to attempt the upload if a communication failure occurs during the initial attempt.
  6. To exclude unindexed documents, click the Unindexed check box to deselect it.
  7. To exclude documents that are currently checked-out, click the Checked-out check box to deselect it.
  8. In the list of scan queues, deselect the scan queues that are not to be included in the scheduled upload. To deselect/select a scan queue, click the check box at the beginning of the scan queue listing. Use the Select all or Deselect all buttons to select or deselect all of the listed scan queues.
  9. To prevent the scheduler from performing this upload, click the Disable this schedule item check box to select it. This option is typically used later on, to temporarily deschedule an upload that is normally run per schedule.
  10. Click OK to add the upload operation to the scheduler.

Some additional notes about scheduled uploads:

  • The scheduled work is performed by a separate executable named dsupload.exe.

  • This executable can run as a service on Windows platforms that support services, or it can run as a background executable on platforms that do not. The Disconnected Scanning module will attempt to install and configure the service any time the scheduling menu is accessed and the upload application is not running.

  • If Disconnected Scanning is running when the upload process is scheduled to take place, a message is displayed informing the user that a scheduled upload time has passed and asking if the upload should be performed.

  • Events associated with uploading (i.e., an upload was completed, an upload was not completed, a scheduled upload was deferred to the user because Disconnected Scanning was running) are logged to the rsschedule.log file. This log file is stored in the local disk group.