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Disconnected Scanning

Disconnected Scanning
Foundation 23.1

You can log user actions performed in the Disconnected Scanning client on a workstation to a log file stored locally on the Disconnected Scanning workstation. When user action logging is enabled, the following actions are logged:

  • Log On/Out: Logging On, Logging Out

  • Scanning: Begin Scanning: New Batch, Begin Scanning: Additional Documents, End Scanning: Successful, End Scanning: Failure, Cancel Scanning

  • Indexing: Begin Indexing, End Indexing

  • Uploading: Begin Uploading, End Uploading, Uploading Cancelled, Uploading Error, Begin Scheduled Uploading, End Scheduled Uploading

  • Deleting: Delete Batch, Delete Document, Delete Page

The log file contains the following information: User Activity, User Name, Disconnected Scanning Workstation Name, Type of Disconnected Scanning Log On (i.e., Local or Server), Date/Time Action Performed.

To log locally-performed Disconnected Scanning user actions, select the Log user activity to CSV file (requires application restart) check box in the Local Client Settings dialog box.

Once the Log user activity to CSV file (requires application restart) check box is selected, the User activity CSV log file location field is enabled. This field allows you to specify the location where the local log file is created. By default, it is set to C:\Program Files\Hyland\Disconnected Scanning for 32-bit systems and C:\Program Files (x86)\Hyland\Disconnected Scanning for 64-bit systems.

In order for this setting to take effect, the Disconnected Scanning client must be restarted.