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Disconnected Scanning

Disconnected Scanning
Foundation 23.1

The Disconnected Scanning module is a standalone scanning application that allows you to scan documents with a Kofax™, ISIS, TWAIN, or Fujitsu PaperStream IP compatible scanner, without being connected to a n OnBase Client or OnBase Application Server. Additionally, you can import existing digital images directly from an electronic storage medium such as a hard drive or CD using "scan from disk" or "sweeping" processes. Documents can later be uploaded to the Application Server, where they can be accessed from workstations via the OnBase Web Client or the OnBase Client module.

Documents are scanned from a scanner or from disk into user-defined scan queues from a workstation running the Disconnected Scanning module. Documents are then typically indexed, which involves assigning specific values that can be used as search criteria for document retrieval. Indexing also serves as a mechanism to create cross-references between document types and may serve other functions, depending on which modules your system uses.

The completed documents are stored locally on the computer they were scanned into, and later transferred to the central database via a synchronization function.