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Disconnected Scanning

Disconnected Scanning
Foundation 23.1

In order for the Endorser button to be available, you must have a scanner capable of endorsing paper documents and the scanning workstation must be equipped with Kofax Adrenaline hardware.

An endorser stamps the remote batch number, the scanning workstation remote ID, the date the batch was scanned, and a Kofax-configured suffix on each paper document as it is scanned.


This option is not available for scanning from disk or sweeping, and it is not available for grayscale scanning or with scanning hardware that returns compressed data.

Endorsing prints only on the front side of pages in a duplex scanning process.

To configure the endorser settings, click Endorser. The Automated Endorser/Annotation Properties dialog box is displayed.


The Electronic Annotation, Font Setting and Counter Start/Increment/Reset options are not supported for Disconnected Scanning. The only configuration option in the Automatic Endorser/Annotation Properties dialog box that is respected in Disconnected Scanning is the Mechanical Endorser option.

Select the Enable Automatic Endorser check box to enable the endorser for Disconnected Scanning. Click OK to return to the Image processing settings dialog box.


In order for this feature to operate correctly, the selected scan queue must also have the Auto Endorse Pages option selected on the Capture tab of the Assign Process Options dialog box. For more information on scan queue configuration, see the Document Imaging documentation.