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Disconnected Scanning

Disconnected Scanning
Foundation 23.1

When creating or modifying a scan format, you have the ability to select or modify the scanner's default properties.


For more information on creating or modifying a scan format, see Creating and Selecting a Scan Format.

To access the scanner properties, click Scan settings on the Modify scan format dialog box. The Scanner Properties - <Scanner Name> dialog box is displayed.


When using a PaperStream driver, the scan profile settings of the driver can override the scan format settings in the Disconnected Scanning Client. To avoid assigning the wrong scan profile settings to the currently selected scan format in the Format field, ensure that the appropriate scan profile is selected every time you close the PaperStream driver dialog box (whether by clicking OK, Cancel, etc.).

The layout of the dialog box that is displayed, and the options that it contains, depends on your scanner. The following example represents a typical Kofax scanner.


The dialog box and options displayed may be different for another Kofax scanner or for a different type of scanner (such as TWAIN, ISIS, or Fujitsu PaperStream IP).

The Scanner Properties - <Scanner Name> dialog box is used to specify general configuration options for your scanner. Press F1 when positioned on the Scanner Properties - <Scanner Name> dialog box for a detailed description of each option.

Click OK when finished to save the configuration options and return to the Disconnected Scanning window.