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Disconnected Scanning

Disconnected Scanning
Foundation 23.1

The Batches window allows you to manage batches of documents during the scanning and indexing processes.

Documents can be imported individually or in groups. A group of one or more documents brought into OnBase during the same scan session is known as a batch.

Batches are assigned a batch number for identification purposes. In Disconnected Scanning, a local batch number (i.e., the remote batch number) is assigned to the batch until it is uploaded into OnBase. At that time, the remote number is replaced with an OnBase internal batch number.

After documents are scanned or imported, they can be viewed and/or indexed. Indexing information is assigned to the documents either during scanning (when bar codes are used to provide index values) or after scanning, depending on the configuration of the scan queue. The batch of documents can also be renamed.


Depending on the scan queue's configuration, you may or may not have rights to view, index, delete, upload or schedule an upload of batches that other users have scanned, scanned from disk or swept into the system.

Depending on how your scan queues are configured, documents can proceed through one or more stages of indexing. In most cases, there are several stages: Awaiting index, Index in progress, and Fully indexed. If a document upload is interrupted for some reason, documents route to an Incomplete upload. The Batch Status Queues in the Batches window identify the particular indexing stage that a document or batch of documents is in. The Batches window lists the batch status queues, the batches in each queue, and the documents in each batch. This tells you which batches, and which documents within each batch, are in which stage of the indexing process.

If a batch status queue contains batches, the batch status queue listing has a + symbol at the beginning and a number in parentheses at the end. This number is the number of batches currently in the queue.

To list the batches that are in the queue, click the + symbol or double-click the batch status queue name. The number of documents and the total number of scanned pages in the batch are listed in parentheses after the batch name.

To see the documents within a batch, double-click the batch listing. The total number of pages composing each document is listed in parentheses after each document.

The following table explains the names of the various batch status queues:

Batch Queue Name


Awaiting Document Separation

Contains batches with documents that need to be manually separated into additional documents.

See Separating Documents for more information.

Awaiting index

Contains batches in which no documents in the batch have been indexed.

Index in progress

Contains batches in which some, but not all, documents have been indexed. Batches enter this status queue if indexing is interrupted before all documents have been indexed.

Fully indexed

Contains batches in which all documents have been indexed.

Incomplete upload

Contains batches included in an upload operation that was started but never finished.