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Disconnected Scanning

Disconnected Scanning
Foundation 23.1

Documents can be also be captured by Disconnected Scanning for upload into OnBase by dragging and dropping the document into the Disconnected Scanning client.

To use Disconnected Scanning 's drag-and-drop functionality:

  1. Ensure that the scan queue into which you would like to import the document is selected in the Scan Queue drop-down.
  2. Drag-and-drop a document into the Disconnected Scanning client. Each document that is dragged and dropped into Disconnected Scanning is placed in a batch containing only that document.

    Documents of any file format, not just images, can be imported using this method.

  3. Depending on your workstation's local client settings:
    • The batch may be sent to the Awaiting Index batch status queue, or the scan queue's first configured batch status queue (i.e. Awaiting Document Separation). See Indexing Documents.

    • The document may be required to be immediately indexed. See Step 4 below.

    For more information on your workstation's local client settings, see Local Client Settings.

  4. If the document is required to be immediately indexed upon import, the Archive Documents dialog box is displayed.
  5. Enter the appropriate indexing information for the document and click Save. The batch containing the document is routed to the Fully Indexed batch status queue or the scan queue's next configured batch status queue.