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Disconnected Scanning

Disconnected Scanning
Foundation 23.1

To import documents, you must first select a scan queue from the Scan Queue drop-down menu. Scan queues keep scanned documents organized as they enter OnBase. Scan queues define where documents are stored, who has access to those documents, the Document Types into which the documents can be indexed, how documents are routed for indexing, and what steps the documents must go through to be processed into OnBase. Your system administrator determines how your scan queues are configured.

A scan queue also keeps documents that have been scanned into that queue separate from documents that have been scanned into another queue. Thus, the batches contained in a scan queue are unique to that queue. Since the scan queue has no direct link to a scanner, you can have multiple scan queues for the same scanning workstation, and multiple workstations, using different scanners, all submitting documents to the same scan queue.

Access to scan queues is controlled on a user group basis. Which user group you belong to determines which scanned images you can see before they are archived into OnBase. With user group rights, scanned documents can be kept secure across multiple scanning and indexing workstations. Refer to the OnBase Client or Document Imaging documentation for more information about user group rights.