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Disconnected Scanning

Disconnected Scanning
Foundation 23.1

Before you start scanning, determine the type of indexing that will be done during the scan process by selecting one of the option buttons located at the top of the Indexing window:

The following table explains the available settings for indexing options:



No index

Select to perform manual indexing after documents have been scanned. Only the Document date field will be available for editing in the Indexing panel.


The option should not be used if bar codes are to be read from the documents at the time of scanning.


Activates the Document type drop-down list and keyword entry fields, allowing you to specify the Document Type and Keyword Values for each scanned or imported document before it is brought into OnBase. When scanning is complete, the newly acquired documents are sent to the Awaiting index batch status queue where indexing information can be completed or reviewed.

Full index

Sends batches directly to the Fully indexed batch status queue. When you are using bar codes, you can select Full Index to automate the indexing process.


If a batch utilizes required keywords, and any required keyword on a document is not supplied by an Auto-Fill Keyword Set or a bar code, the document will be transitioned to the Awaiting Index queue and not the Fully Indexed queue.


Either Pre-Index or Full Index must be selected when using bar codes to identify Document Types, or when specific Keyword Values are used during the indexing process. See the Bar Code Process documentation for more information on using bar codes to index documents.


Documents indexed in Full Index mode can be transferred to the Awaiting Index queue if the primary value of an AutoFill keyword set is populated from a bar code and that primary Keyword Value has more than one set of secondary Keywords. In this case, a user must select the secondary Keywords to be used.

After documents are scanned, they can be indexed with a Document Type and Keyword Values. The Document Type used is determined during configuration.


Double-blind indexing and re-indexing are not supported in the Disconnected Scanning module.