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Disconnected Scanning

Disconnected Scanning
Foundation 23.1

Disconnected Scanning has the ability to export information about batches of indexed documents to a DIP file so that, if needed, the documents can be imported to OnBase via DIP.

This is a useful disaster recovery or emergency backup feature; in case of a prolonged lack of connection to the Internet, batches of indexed documents can be exported to a self-configured DIP file for importing into OnBase.


Document Import Processor (DIP) must be licensed and registered on the workstation importing the indexed batches.

Only batches that have already been fully indexed can be selected for export to DIP (partially indexed or unindexed batches are not eligible). Users can choose all or only selected indexed batches for export into a self-configured DIP file.

The documents can then be imported into OnBase via DIP.

To export indexed batches to a DIP file:

  1. In the Disconnected Scanning client, select File | Export DIP file. The Select batches to export dialog box displays.
  2. All indexed batches in the system display, and are selected by default. Click the check box next to each batch to select or de-select it.

    Use the Select all and Deselect all buttons to select or de-select all the available batches.

  3. When all desired batches have been selected, click OK. The Verify Operation message box displays.

    Click Cancel to exit the dialog box.

  4. If you wish to delete the selected batches locally after they have been exported to the DIP file, select Yes. If you wish to keep the batches, select No.
  5. In the Save As dialog box, enter a name and location for the DIP file in the File name field. Click Save. The export file will be created.
    Upon successful creation, the Operation Completed message box is displayed. Click OK.