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Distributed Disk Services

Distributed Disk Services
Foundation 23.1

The Distributed Services server is a TCP/IP listener that monitors a specified port for requests issued by OnBase Client workstations. Requests are processed by the server on separate threads.

The server is configured for use with OnBase using the OnBase Configuration module.

Before configuring the server in OnBase:

  • The Distributed Disk Services service ( DDSServer.exe) must be installed and running on the server.

    For instructions on installing Distributed Disk Services as a service, see the Installing DDS as a Service section in the Installation chapter of the module reference guide.


    More than one Distributed Services server (e.g., DDS, DCS, DTS, DDTS) cannot run at the same time on the same server. For example, if Distributed Disk Services detects that Distributed Centera Services is already running on the server, DDS will not start. The one exception to this is when using the -configmode switch when starting a Distributed Service.

  • A Disk Group must already be configured.