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Distributed Disk Services

Distributed Disk Services
Foundation 23.1

To use the DDS_Only_Servers.txt file, the File Access permission must be set to Default Access.

In order help rule out file or security permissions issues while troubleshooting, you can create a special configuration file named DDS_Only_Servers.txt. This file is a text file that contains a list of file server names, each on one line. At startup, OnBase looks for this file and, if found, uses DDS for any Disk Group path with a file server name that matches a server name in the file. Ensure the File Access permission is set to Default Access. This file should never be used as a replacement for configuring correct sharing and file permissions.

The DDS_Only_Servers.txt file must contain only each file server name that should use DDS first, with each file server name on a new line. For example, if the paths to disk group mount locations are \\FileServerOne\DiskGroups\Accounting\V1, \\FileServerTwo\DiskGroups\HumanResources\V1, and \\FileServerThree\DiskGroups\Marketing\V1, then the contents of the DDS_Only_Servers.txt must contain three lines that read FileServerOne, FileServerTwo, and FileServerThree:

The file must be named DDS_Only_Servers.txt and be stored at the root C: on any workstation accessing OnBase(i.e., C:\DDS_Only_Servers.txt). Alternatively, this file can be stored in a shared location that is referenced by creating the DDS_ONLY_SERVERS_PATH environment variable on each OnBase workstation that requires DDS access. The environment variable must contain the full path to the DDS_Only_Servers.txt file, including the file name.


If the DDS_Only_Servers.txt file is not found at C: then the DDS_ONLY_SERVERS_PATH environment variable is checked for its location. If the file still cannot be found, DDS is used only as a failover for all file servers.