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Distributed Disk Services

Distributed Disk Services
Foundation 23.1

Beginning in OnBase Foundation 23.1, DDS can no longer be used for Disk Group access in OnBase Core Services, which includes all OnBase modules except for the OnBase Client and OnBase Configuration. Major affected services include the Application Server, the API Server, the Unity Scheduler, and all components that access Disk Group files through these services, such as the Web Server and Unity Client.

Modules that are accessed through the OnBase Client, such as the Document Import Processor (DIP), can still use DDS when run in the OnBase Client.

This change has been introduced for enhanced security. DDS has never been needed or recommended to be used in combination with OnBase Core modules, as OnBase Core Services access UNC Disk Group files with a specific, configured user on behalf of the OnBase user account requesting file access.

If you are using DDS for Disk Group access in OnBase Core Services and upgrading to OnBase Foundation Foundation 23.1, it is strongly recommended that you configure all OnBase Core Services with the necessary file system access to UNC Disk Groups (see the sections on creating and editing Disk Groups in the On-Premises System Administration module reference guide). DDS provides no additional security or system administration beyond a properly configured solution leveraging OnBase Core Services. For additional security, Encrypted Disk Groups provides data protection at rest to ensure Disk Group files can only be accessed through OnBase by authenticated users.

With DDS still being available to limit file system access to UNC Disk Groups, Hyland Software recommends migrating end users doing basic retrieval and archival to the Web Client.

If you believe you will be impacted by this change and re-configuring your OnBase Core Services to have file system access to UNC Disk Groups is not possible, contact your first line of support to discuss alternatives.