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Distributed Disk Services

Distributed Disk Services
Foundation 23.1

The Verbose tab allows you to view the verbose log of messages, including errors, received from the Distributed Services server.

The following options can be set for the verbose log:

  • Enable Verbose: Select this option to display the verbose log in the lower pane. Deselect this option to suppress the display of the verbose log. This option can be enabled or disabled at any time during the connection.


    When verbose logging is enabled, the Distributed Services server you are connected to communicates everything to the console, which will reduce performance.

  • Number of Messages: Enter the number of messages to display in the lower pane. For example, if this number is set to 1000, when the number of verbose log reaches 1001 messages, the oldest status message is cleared. The number set here only affects the DSA Console; it has no affect on server-side logging, if enabled.


    This tab is intended to display recent activity only. The higher the Number of Messages is set, the more memory is consumed by the DSA Console, which may affect the performance of the machine running the DSA Console. For complete verbose logging, the appropriate command-line switch should be applied to the Distributed Services server itself.

  • Log File: Enter the path and file name of the file to which to save the verbose log displayed in the DSA Console. This path can be local (e.g., c:\DDSConsoleVerboseLog.txt) or UNC (e.g., \\MachineName\DDSConsoleVerboseLog.txt).

  • Filter by Client: Select this option to only display errors from the selected client. The client is selected from the Client Name drop-down list or its name can be entered in the same field.

  • Errors Only: Select this option to only display errors.

  • Client Name: Enter a client name or select it from the drop-down list when the Filter by Client option is selected.

At any time, click the Save Log button beneath the lower pane to write the verbose log messages contained in the lower pane to the file set in the Log File field.


If the file to write to already exists, the information in the current file is overwritten with the new information.

To clear all status messages displayed in the lower pane, click Clear Messages.