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Foundation 22.1

DocPop lets you embed OnBase documents and results lists into custom web pages using frames and iframes. Frames and iframes are HTML elements that display content from another source within a web page. When you add one of these elements to your Web page, you can use a DocPop-generated URL to display a list of OnBase documents or a single OnBase document in that frame or iframe. For more information about frames and iframes, consult an HTML reference.


By default, if you are embedding content from the OnBase Web Server into a web page, the page and the embedded content must be on the same domain. If your solution requires embedding Web Server content into a different domain, you can configure the Web Server to allow this. For more information, see the section on X-Frame-Options in the Web Server module reference guide.

To embed DocPop results in a web page:

  1. Set embedded to true in the Hyland.Web.DocPop element of the Web Server's Web.config. This setting ensures that DocPop results are opened in the same browser window.
  2. Use the DocPop URL Creator to create a URL that retrieves the appropriate documents. See Using the DocPop URL Creator for more information.
  3. Configure your Web page to display the DocPop results in a frame or iframe.
    For examples of how to code a page to display embedded DocPop results, see Sample HTML Coding for Embedded Results.