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Foundation 22.1

Also consider the following recommendations when choosing a logon method.

  1. If your organization's security practices allow it, always use a logon method that logs the user on automatically. Autologon makes the logon process seamless to users because they don't have to enter their credentials whenever they access DocPop.
  2. The HTTP logon method is not recommended for production environments because it passes the user name and password in clear text on the query string. Use this logon method for testing purposes or in cases where security is not a concern.
  3. When choosing a logon method, consider who will be accessing DocPop. Are they internal or external users? "Internal" refers to users who are on your internal network and who have OnBase accounts. "External" refers to users on an external network or Internet. External users don't have OnBase accounts.

    The following table provides recommended logon methods for different user types.


    Recommended Logon Method

    Internal Users Only

    If only users on your internal network will access DocPop, consider using Active Directory authentication. Internal users are those who are internal to your organization and have network credentials.

    Internal and External Users

    If both internal and external users will access DocPop, configure two virtual directories.

    • For internal users, set up a virtual directory that uses Active Directory authentication.

    • For external users, set up a virtual directory that uses the default logon method (specifying a user who has limited rights in the Web Server's Web.config file).

    No additional Web Server licenses are needed. Multiple virtual directories are allowed with only one Web Server license.

    External Users Only

    If only users external to your network will access DocPop, use the default logon method.

  4. When a custom application integrates with DocPop, the application can log users on to OnBase by passing in a session ID on the query string. In this situation, the application that created the session also must disconnect the session.