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Foundation 22.1

Checksums ensure that only URLs generated by the system are used. Checksums can prevent users from retrieving documents other than the ones that the DocPop URL was intended to retrieve.

  1. Use checksums when you want to ensure that only URLs generated by the system are used. When a user attempts to retrieve a document, DocPop compares the checksum in the URL query string to the expected checksum. If the values match, the document is displayed. If the values do not match, the user is presented with an error.
  2. Use checksums when integrating DocPop with another application. For example, if an application creates a DocPop URL that retrieves documents by account number, the user could modify the account number in the URL to retrieve documents for another account. A checksum would prevent the user from accessing other documents by modifying the URL.
  3. Checksums do not prevent other users from using a URL, nor do they cause URLs to expire. To limit access to DocPop, choose the appropriate logon method. For more information, see Choosing a Logon Method.