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Foundation 22.1

The following logon recommendations can help increase the security of your solution. For information about available logon methods, see Authentication.

  1. When using the default login method, secure the user account specified in the Web Server's Web.config file.

    DocPop, PDFPop, and FolderPop are only as secure as this user's rights. Configure this user account to have the least privileges required to accomplish a task. For example, if users only need to view documents through DocPop, then only the Retrieve/View privilege is needed.

    Do not grant the user account additional rights, such as Workflow or re-indexing privileges, unless it is absolutely necessary. Grant rights only to Document Types that anyone in your network should be able to access.

  2. Use the interactive login method to provide another layer of security. When an autologin method is used, any user who can access the workstation also could have access to OnBase documents through DocPop.
  3. If DocPop will be accessed from a shared workstation, but only some of the workstation's users should be able to access OnBase documents using DocPop, then use the interactive login method.
    For example, when DocPop is accessed from a scanning workstation, the interactive login method will ensure that only users who have sufficient rights can log on.