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Foundation 22.1

The following guidelines apply to the creation of DocPop URLs. For more information about URL creation and syntax, see the Configuration chapter of the DocPop, PDFPop, or FolderPop reference guide.

  1. Use the URL Creator page to generate an initial URL to start with custom processing.
    • DocPop's URL Creator page is located here: [dmsVirtualRoot]/DocPop/DocPopURLCreator.aspx

    • FolderPop's URL Creator page is located here: [dmsVirtualRoot]/FolderPop/FolderPopURLCreator.aspx

  2. If you are questioning how to construct a URL, refer to the URL Creator page. By generating URLs using your specified criteria, the URL Creator page can help illustrate the correct syntax for DocPop URLs.
  3. Limit the length of the DocPop URL so that it does not exceed browser constraints. Browsers allow a limited number of characters in a URL. In Internet Explorer, the maximum URL length is 2083 characters.
  4. If the URL will exceed 2083 characters, use an HTML form to post the query to DocPop. HTML forms allow more data to be posted back as part of a query. For information about using HTML forms, see Configuration chapter in the DocPop, PDFPop, or FolderPop reference guide.
  5. When retrieving documents from a large number of Document Types, configure a Custom Query in OnBase to search those Document Types. Then, configure a DocPop URL to retrieve the documents using the Custom Query. This practice removes the Document Type names from the URL, helping to reduce the URL's length.