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Foundation 22.1

This setting is used in situations in which legacy checksums will be used with DocPop and FolderPop URLs in versions of OnBase prior to version 14. Legacy checksums may be required for certain OnBase environments, such as an environment where multiple versions of OnBase are used (an Incremental Parallel Upgrade Process (IPUP) environment).

Modifying this setting should not be necessary unless your Application Server will be generating DocPop or FolderPop URLs with a Web Server prior to OnBase 14. By default, this setting is set to false.

If set to true, legacy checksums will be created and used in DocPop and FolderPop URLs. To properly create and validate legacy checksums, you must also configure both of the following:

  • The EnableLegacyChecksumFallback setting in the Web Server web.config file must be set to true.

  • The same checksum key value must be configured for both the ChecksumKey setting in the Application Server web.config file and the checksum setting in the Web Server web.config file for the Pop integration being used.

If set to false, standard checksums are used when generating a DocPop or FolderPop URL.