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Foundation 22.1

The DocPop URL Creator generates queries that can be used with DocPop. You can also modify a generated URL to be used with PDFPop.


A user must have the Create Integration Hyperlink privilege to generate a URL with the DocPop URL Creator.

To access this tool:

  1. In your browser's address bar, enter the address of the DocPop URL Creator page. The page must reside in the Docpop directory of the Web server. For example: http://<dmsVirtualRoot>/docpop/docpopURLCreator.aspx.
  2. Log on, if prompted.
  3. Select the type of query you want to generate:

    Query Type


    Custom Queries

    Retrieves documents by executing a specific Custom Query. Select the Custom Query from the drop-down provided.

    Document Types

    Retrieves documents from a specific Document Type. Select the Document Type from the drop-down provided.

    Document Type Groups

    Retrieves documents from a specific Document Type Group. Select the Document Type Group from the drop-down provided.


    Retrieves documents indexed with specific Keyword Values.

    Document #

    Retrieves a specific document by its document handle. Enter the document handle in the Document # field. To retrieve multiple documents, separate each handle with a comma (no spaces). For example: 5820,6112,6904

    If necessary, type the Page Number the document (or documents) should open to.

    • If no page number is specified, each document opens to the first page.

    • If a document has fewer pages than the number specified, the document opens to the last page.

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