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Foundation 22.1

Depending on the selected query type, you may be able to apply additional Keyword parameters.

  1. If you are using either the Custom Queries or Document Types query type, skip to step 2.

    If you are using the Keywords query type, select the Keyword Types you want to search by from the left pane.

    • To select multiple Keyword Types, press Ctrl as you click each Keyword Type.

    • Double-clicking selects all Keyword Types in the list, an operation that may take a while if your system contains a large number of Keyword Types.

  2. Enter the Keyword values to search by in the fields provided.
    • To duplicate a Keyword value, either click in the field and press F6, or click the Keyword Type's name displayed above the corresponding field.


      If keywords have not been configured for a Document Type, There no keywords available for this document type is displayed in the Keywords section.

    • To change an operator (e.g., <, >, =, AND, OR), click it. Continue clicking the button until the appropriate operator is selected. See Relational (Comparative) Operators and Logical Boolean Operators for more information.

    • To clear the Keyword values, click Clear Keywords.


    Depending on your solution's configuration, keyword operators may be unavailable. In this case, DocPop uses = by default for comparative operators, and it uses AND by default for Boolean operators. You can modify the operators in your query string using comparative and Boolean operator variables, as described under Keyword Parameters.


    For duplicated numeric Keyword Types, you can use the TO Boolean operator. When you change the operator to TO, the comparative operator for the first value changes to >= (greater than or equal to) and the comparative operator for the second value changes to <= (less than or equal to).